Index run confirms: daughters of CRV bulls excel in efficiency


How efficiently a cow converts feed into milk has a huge influence on the profitability of a farm. Efficiency is partly achieved by cows that grow old in good health and with no problems, which contributes to a low replacement rate. Another aspect is the clear genetic differences in feed efficiency. Accordingly, there is a high focus on these traits within the scope of CRV’s breeding programme. The December 2022 index run confirms that this focus delivers the right results.

New in our offering: Boreso and Podium

As an example, take newcomer Manders Upside (Fragrant x Ranger). He has entered the Dutch/Flemish total merit index (NVI) strongly in second position and his breeding value of 112 for feed efficiency demonstrates his qualities for this trait. He also merits 561 Inet and 824 days longevity resulting in an extremely high score of +23% CRV Efficiency. Upside transmits 110 for udders, 110 for feet and legs and 111 for total conformation. This young bull will be available in 2023.

Delta Boreso and Delta Podium are available now. Delta Boreso (Rioaveso x Floris) has an all-round inheritance pattern of outstanding quality with 487 Inet and +14% CRV Efficiency, 109 for total conformation and 863 days longevity. He succeeded in improving his health trait scores in this index run and now scores 105 for udder health, 105 for fertility and 109 for hoof health. Delta Podium (Tornado x Ranger) is chiefly praised for his amazing scores for conformation, noting 112 for udders, 109 for feet and legs and 114 for total conformation. He shows a solid production transmittance and super health traits.

Delta Boreso

New top bulls available via Create

Delta Encourage (Fragrant x Trust) leaves the competition in his wake and maintains his position as the highest ranking bull for NVI. He combines more than 2000 kg of milk with +0.31% fat and +0.26% protein, resulting in 686 Inet. Encourage, with a breeding value of 112, is a master in feed efficiency and offers an outstanding breeding value of 778 days longevity. The daughters by this top class bull will therefore show extremely high efficiency in converting feed into milk during their lives. A score of +23% for CRV Efficiency provides all the proof. Encourage has recently been available through the Create programme. CRV Create is a programme that gives all farmers exclusive, early access to the top ranked, new InSire bulls.

A newcomer to the Create programme is the red-and-white bull Delta Borax (Freestyle x Jakarta). He is also a top talent for efficiency traits scoring +17% CRV Efficiency, 108 for feed efficiency, 531 Inet and 733 days longevity. Borax also scores well for health and conformation traits. Thanks to his all-round inheritance pattern he is also attracting plenty of international interest. He merits second place in the German RZG rankings and ranks third in the Spanish ICO total merit index.

Delta Encourage
Delta Encourage

Goldcrest and Lead Out P lead the field in red-and-white

The red-and-white Delta Firestone, grandson of super bull dam Caudumer Lol 422, boosted his production breeding value and is now listed with 516 Inet with 1269 kg milk with +0.43% fat and +0.28% protein and +14% CRV Efficiency. Firestone (Eloy x Faithfull) passes on high longevity and scores all-round breeding values for conformation and health traits.

A new name that is now available is Delta Goldcrest (Wingstar x Goal). He stands for rich milk with +0.50% fat and +0.25% protein but also scores 108 for total conformation, with notably high scores for chest and rump width. With +9% CRV Health, Goldcrest is also one of the best bulls in the portfolio for health traits.

Delta Lead Out P (Launch PP x Pitcher) is now also available. He offers a production breeding value of 524 Inet and improved his conformation breeding value in this index to merit 111 total conformation, including a score of 111 for feet and legs. Awarded a breeding value of 109, Lead Out is an ideal bull to improve hoof health.

Caudumer Lol 422 PP
Caudumer Lol 422 PP

Daughter proven Reloader and Martin climb the production charts

Among the daughter proven bulls, the performance of Delta Reloader can’t fail to impress. This Finder son saw his breeding value rise 36 points to total 364 NVI, mainly due to a gain of €41 Inet. In the shape of Reloader, CRV has the highest-ranked daughter proven bull in its range. Reloader’s higher position for production is mainly thanks to the late maturity of his daughters. He boasts a breeding value of 1086 days longevity and his 110 for feed efficiency also reinforces his leading position for daughter proven bulls for this trait.

Reloader shares pole position for feed efficiency with Midwolder Martin. He rose by €61 Inet and now scores €552 Inet and +18% CRV Efficiency, based on the performance of almost 400 daughters. This Adorable son also improved his score for conformation to merit 110 total conformation and 110 for udders, and transmits production of almost 2500 kg of milk.

Delta Abundant P (Ranger x Fun P) was assigned a breeding value for the first time based on daughters that are still young. They confirm their sire’s status as a progenitor of solid production and matchless conformation (114 for total conformation including 113 for feet and legs).

Bontje 72
Bontje 72

Aalshorst Rody leaps for longevity

The already undisputed status of Aalshorst Rody (Riverboy x Fanatic) as the leading red-and-white bull of his generation has been reinforced by this index run. Rody's score for longevity leapt by nearly 150 days to 674 days and he added a point to his scores for feet and legs and hoof health bringing both breeding values to 107. Add to this his scores of 107 for udder health and 106 for fertility and solid production transmission, and it’s no surprise why he is so popular with the farmers milking his daughters. To round it all off, Rody scores 109 for feed efficiency, which is remarkably high for a bull of his

Aalshorst Rody
Aalshorst Rody

Excellence in efficiency from the TPI programme

Several interesting new bulls have already emerged from CRV's American TPI breeding programme. One of these, Star 2409 (Lionel x Jedi) is an extremely good bull for milk production transmission with 2,865 lbs milk and 194 lbs fat and protein. He produces medium sized daughters that convert feed into milk very efficiently. He scores +22% CRV Efficiency and a very high breeding value of 112 for feed efficiency. Star 2409 merits 1125 NM$ and 3005 TPI. Star is available through the Create programme.

Slightly higher up the ladder on the TPI ranking is Aurora Tyrol (Parfect x Megaluck). This bull notes 3059 TPI and 928 NM$ and his 1.60 PTA udders, 1.30 PTA feet and legs and 2.26 PTAT guarantee excellent conformation. Tyrol’s daughters will have longer than average teats and he gives outstanding daughter fertility and productive life. Tyrol is also available through the Create programme.

Welcome-Tel Guam (Moonshiner x Gale) offers an interesting all-round inheritance pattern with 1,274 lbs milk and +0.14% fat and +0.07% protein in combination with 1.92 PTAT. He merits 962 NM$ and 3003 TPI. Guam also has excellent health traits, resulting in +7% CRV Health. And naturally, this new bull in CRV's offering also shines for efficiency with +16% CRV Efficiency and 107 for feed efficiency.

Peak Morant (Altamontoya x Jabra) was allocated his first breeding value based on daughter performance. He scores 869 NM$ and 2744 TPI. This bull also guarantees efficiently producing daughters with an index of +14% CRV Efficiency and a feed efficiency breeding value of 107.

Star 2409
Star 2409