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Press Release: Do well, do FeedExcel!

With the April proof run CRV introduces FeedExcel to make it easier for farmers to distinguish bulls with the highest feed efficiency scores. Bulls branded with this quality mark are guaranteed to sire highly productive daughters with extended longevity that efficiently convert feed into milk. Farmers that use FeedExcel bulls can expect to end up with a herd having better income/feed costs ratio and fewer emissions. The index run of April 2023 confirms the leading position in feed efficiency of bulls from CRV's breeding programs and all the bulls mentioned in this press release are FeedExcel.

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FeedExcel from CRV: More milk from less feed with less methane

- Source: Holstein International, magazine June 2023 - Cows that efficiently convert feed into lots of milk, that also have high longevity and strong scores for health: These are the cows that dairy farmers like to see on their farms. Feed costs are high, land is expensive, and material is costly.

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Dutch dairy farmer Willem Alders: “Differences in feed efficiency are very interesting from a financial perspective”

For Dutch dairy farmer Willem Alders, the feed balance (milk income minus feed costs) is an important economic index. The results of six years of measuring the feed intake of individual cows for CRV opened his eyes to the differences between cows. “The animals with the lowest scores make little or no contribution to the total feed balance, whilst the animals with the best scores produce even more than expected,” he concludes.

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CRV, leading in health and efficiency

CRV Health

A healthy herd makes work more pleasurable and profitable. The CRV Health index improves fertility and udder and hoof health. This has the advantage of making herd management easier and reducing the number of cows that require treatment.

CRV Efficiency

An efficient herd has a higher output in kilograms of milk or beef using a lower input of resources. That is better for profitability and for the environment! CRV Efficiency index increases feed efficiency, boosts longevity and the herd’s production levels.