CRV Jersey

Bottom-line profitability

  • High feed efficiency
  • Long productive life
  • Easy calving

CRV Jersey

Jerseys are a very sustainable breed, they use 11% less land, 32% less water, and their carbon footprint is 20% less than other breeds. Jersey is the breed for efficiency and high bottom-line profitability.

CRV has access to the best Jersey genetics from all around the world. With varying breeding goals and bloodlines, you can pick & choose which Jersey fits your herd the best.

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Unique breeding values

Jerseys are unique, the calves have a small birth weight, on average about 60 pounds. In general Jerseys have easy births, the difficult birth rate is less than 1%, this means that the calves have a good start. It is possible to breed Jerseys at a younger age and to get them into the milking herd sooner, because the heifers reach sexual maturity earlier in life.