CRV NZ grass-fed

Genetics to fit grass-fed systems

  • Excellent fertility
  • Good resilience and capacity

CRV NZ grass-fed

Pasture-based dairy farming is a balance between managing the pasture and the cows to maximize sustainable profit. At CRV New Zealand, our team is proud to bring you grass-fed genetics as part of our global offering.​ Naturally stronger genetics from the best grass-fed farming in the world.

In pasture systems where cow nutrient demand intentionally coincides with seasonal forage availability, the focus of selection has emphasized fertility and other fitness traits. Breeds and crosses with high fertility are important for seasonal breeding and calving. Due to the seasonal calving system New Zealand genetics have the best fertility in the world. Also our cows are known as free-range, grown stronger, hardier, more resilient to bacteria and infection.

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More profitable per hectare

Compared to Holsteins and Jerseys from North America and Europe the cows of the grazing breed are smaller in stature, carry more body condition, have wider muscles with more width of chest and deeper bodies and are more aggressive foragers. They also are more profitable per hectare due to lower feed intake.


Best fertility in the world

Generations of selection in the New Zealand environment have resulted in our genetics carrying the following characteristics:

  • Quality milk: milk payout is based on kg of fat and protein with a negative for volume
  • Efficient converters of grass: the focus in our national breeding goal is for cows to efficiently convert grass into milk
  • Fertile: stringent selection in combination with focus in the breeding goal has resulted in the New Zealand genetics having the best fertility in the world
  • Robust: they will excel in hardy environments and look after themselves