HerdOptimizer Go

HerdOptimizer Go

Genomic testing for the next generation herd

  • Realise your breeding goal faster
  • Increase your farm's profitability
  • Make breeding desicions

HerdOptimizer Go

Do you know the genetic potential of your herd? Increase your farm’s profitability by taking a customised breeding approach, using the unique CRV breeding indicators CRV Health and CRV Efficiency.

HerdOptimizer Go is a tool to gain easy insight in the genetic potential of your herd. This customised breeding concept and management tool contains female genotyping and the possibility to personalise your mating advice using SireMatch.

“With this breeding concept I’m able to control and steer the breeding goal even earlier”
AGL herd manager Manuela Illgen, Germany

What is HerdOptimizer Go?

HerdOptimizer Go uses a genomic test to reveal the genetic potential of your female animals. The outcome consists of breeding values based on the Dutch system for over 50 traits related to milk production, health, practice proven feed efficiency scores and conformation. This will give you a reliable prediction of the performance of the animals in the future. CRV also provides unique CRV breeding indicators for health and efficiency.

The reliability of a genomic test is comparable with the performance of a third parity cow (65-70%). Besides the breeding values, the genomic test also gives insight in the presence of specific genetic traits such as red factor, polled, A2-milk and kappa casein. The results of the genomic tests are a reliable basis to determine which calves to rear and to improve your matings.

The combination of HerdOptimizer Go and SireMatch enables you to rank your animals based on your breeding goal, which helps you to make breeding decisions for your herd. You will receive all the genetic information per animal in a clear leaflet.

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How does HerdOptimizer Go work?


1. Become a member
2. Collect your samples
3. Send the samples to your sales representative
4. DNA profile is determined
5. Receive the results
6. Talk about ranking and matings with your consultant

What are the benefits of HerdOptimizer Go?

There are a number of proven results when using HerdOptimizer Go:

  • Realise your breeding goal faster, for a healthier and efficient herd with better conformation and improved milk production
  • Increase your farm’s profitability by up to €980 per cow over three lactations
  • Make breeding decisions more easily by using sexed semen on the genetically superior heifers and excluding the genetically inferior heifers

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