The perfect match for your herd

  • Best mating propositions
  • Personal SireMatch advisor
  • Customized and unbiased advise


Every farmer dreams of a high performing herd. Breeding is building the foundations for your herd of the future. You want to breed cows that suit your particular farming conditions and fit your plans. Many farmers see breeding as a complicated puzzle.

SireMatch helps you to find the right pieces. But SireMatch is more than just a mating programme. It ensures that you achieve maximum progress with minimal effort.

“Ten years ago we started using SireMatch and ever since our cows have been improving year by year”
Lucas E. Kochenborger, Brazil

How does SireMatch work?

SireMatch is a breeding management program that helps you to get maximum progress in your herd with minimum effort.

SireMatch offers you a choice of breeding goals that you can adapt and customise to suit your own wishes. Your own SireMatch advisor will provide personal support and guidance, and, using the program, will help you select the bulls that match your breeding goal best.

Based on your breeding goal and the pedigrees, breeding values and performance of your cattle, the mating program generates the best mating propositions. This approach excludes the risk of inbreeding. SireMatch puts together all the pieces for you in the breeding puzzle giving you the guarantee of maximum genetic progress and improvement in your herd with a minimum of effort.